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  [one031] - machinefabriek - stuip/staar
Machinefabriek's Stuip and Staar are two minimal drone performances captured at the Cross Street Chapel, Manchester (UK) and the Toneelschuurm, Haarlem (NL). Running just under an hour his processed guitar textures rise and fall, stretching their substance through etheral minimal passages, slowly evolving epic heights, and moments of sublime symphony.
  [one030] - relative q - small craft exercise caution
'Small Craft...' is a heady personal affair that we consider ourselves lucky to present. Relative Q (Paul Zyla) has created a wide and lush sound combining the worlds of loungey electronica and etheral shoegaze through lively instrumentation, rhythmic interplay, ambience, and driving synths with a certain melodic finesse.
  [one029] - karl–johan nilsson - the seams
Breaking a six-month silence for us is Karl–Johan Nilsson's The Seams. A work featuring wide, sweeping strokes from minimal brushes that add up to a thick canvas of sound - electrical static scratches and crawls, rolling waves of rhythm, bass, guitar, synths and ambiance come from all sides. Sounds seemingly trying to escape while a song progresses or takes form.
  [one028] - emil klotzsch - feinquisit
Emil marks his return to One with more of the material in which we first got to know him - a spazzy blend of experimentation, disjointed rhythms and instrumentation. His playful but melanchoic spirit brings half-smiles to its listeners through an equally schizophrenic approach to mood and style as perhaps displayed best with his return to vocals on 'geteiltes sein'.
  [one027] - plosive - one remixes
Collaboration has always been an important factor here at One - whether it's through music, technology or artwork. In this spirit the return of Plosive brings us a showcase of covers, mixes and overhauls of many favorite releases from the past couple of years - including reworkings of Bad Loop, Jack Haberfield, Iua, Emil Klotzsch, Paranerd, Partikel, and Recue.
  [one026] - recue - between stations ep
Between Stations is the long anticpated (and delayed) debut EP from Recue aka Riku Annala. A wide ranging display of emotional electronic music incorporating hybrid elements of ambience, dub, soul, techno, idm and more. Featuring guest vocalist Jobie on 'Come away with me' and lush cover artwork by Blamstrain.
  [one025] - iua - eee ooo ahh
Mike Shusta brings a softer side to crispy, creeky, abrasive electronic music through the bright and hazey baths of noise and percussion that deliever his distinct vocals and melodies. A graceful slow motion momentum reiterated by smooth rhythms, airy instrumentation, and brief moments of breezy noise pop. Accompanied by the remix release of 'over the archway'.
  [one024] - iua - over the archway remixes
When the idea first came up to do a series of remixes for iua's release 'eee ooo aah' we first suspected we would turn to the family-like list of One musicians, but instead Mike was eager to recruit the remixers himself and turned out a solid collection featuring Aghost, Khonnor, Octopus Inc., Proswell, and Wankersunited.
  [one023] - loscil - stases (drones 2001 - 2005)
Revealing the somber underpinnings of his Loscil recordings, Scott Morgan has given us Stases - A collection of drones based upon the backgrounds of his work for Kranky Records, from 2001 to now. Textured, aqueous, warm and pleasingly rich in (often bright) tonality giving us a deeper focus and alternate view into the corners of Morgan's music.
  [one022] - if:then:goto - another syntax error
This new release from Paul Benham qualifies simply as good song writing. Nothing tech, nothing too fancy - just good production, soulful vocals, inspiration, and catchy choruses. A mixture of brit-indie, guitar, and electronic music taken down his own path. 'ASE' is closed out with 3 remixes from favorite One artists - including Emil Klotzsch, Bad Loop and Recue.
  [one021] - rivel - sum
If sum is defined as the equal of two parts, Rivel's (Nathan McCoy) new EP is the product of clean, focused production and mindful harmonic mastery. Sum conjures up images of years past, those innocent but haunting moments that creep up in the back of our minds that cannot be, ironically enough, summed up easily.
  [one020] - makunouchi bento - trcutu
With twists of melancholy, nostalgia, and even childlike amusement - Makunouchi Bento's new release is an excursion through classical compositions that manages to hold onto a genuine historical and aesthetic. Wether running them through the spontaneity and textural style of their own, or working from the influence and atmosphere felt by listening to them - they are unique interpretations.
  [one019] - jack haberfield - origins ep
Haberfield's 12" release last year "through the looking glass" earned him a spotlight on the BBC after dominating The Breezeblock airwaves on Radio 1 - then found it planted on the playlists of DJs such as Dave Clarke and Jeff Mills. That release brought out his panache for harder edged techno, but Origins brings us more depth and melody...
  [one018] - bad loop - luo
This flourishing shuffled step and melodic craftsman from Finland proves his commitment to taking his style to new heights and quality with Luo. An achievement inviting you to quietly listen and enjoy a comfortable and catchy groove with its thoughtful melodies, spiraling synths, playful/pragmatic percussion, and bouncing bass. more...
  [one017] - emil klotzsch - sandkorn
Our first release of 2005 is a special one by combining Emil's music with a series of artwork by Adrian Leverkuhn. The music infuses a schizophrenia of electronics with recorded instruments that often seems to both take an equally obscured touch and gives a lightening mood. Both artists mix digital and non-digital mediums in seemless and inspiring ways...
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